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Darkness and light are the balance we all need.

Let the light in. Let the light fill you up. Be light.

The opposite of light is dark. Some of us are conditioned to believe that darkness is a bad thing that it is dangerous and filled with horror… Whatever human beings perceive darkness through religion and general storytelling or even personal experiences, darkness does exist but perhaps not always in the way we understand it. Many creatures are nocturnal and thrive in the literal darkness, but they are not by our definition of negative beings, they are just sentient lives that thrive under a lack of solar light.

Balance comes with all things and although the light is radiant energy and paramount to our existence and aim for higher vibratory realities and the ultimate experience for transmuting forces of darkness, darkness also has its place in allowing us to understand what the light is, what value it has in our lives and how we expand as a result of the dark, be it lack of solar light – resting at night in homeostasis, repairing of our body while we astral travel to places unknown, or darkness such as negativity, trauma, and fear…

Those experiences that remind us that we are living on a plane of duality having a human experience, as a spiritual entity. So while you embrace the light with open arms, and an open heart and spirit, also embrace the dark. It exists for all living things and transforms us and allows us to germinate in its lack of light. It is accepting the darkness in ourselves and others, that we open ourselves up to be light.

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