Be yourself. Your soul will guide you. Learn to listen to you.

Many of us open our eyes each day with the assumption that we know the person, staring at us in the mirror & that every action we take as that person is an action that was apparently informed by our own inner guidance system. But is it really? There are so many things in modernity to distract us from recognizing what our inner guidance system is saying, the many interruptions throughout our lifetime, from just living our best life, are plentiful… so when in our life do we come to recognize our true selves & once we know do we invest the time to be ourselves? Typically, when a person experiences trauma, for example or spends time enjoying nature, this can inspire us to confront ourselves; peel back the layers & question our motivations that got us to where we are. We can decide then, which direction we want to go or if we want to make any changes to ourselves. Many of us fear a deeper connection with ourselves, because we become vulnerable. What follows is a lifetime lived not being true to your self, your soul… then dis-ease may occur because the body is responding to the dis-ease of your soul. We push down the knowing that something is off, by just following the pack, the heard, the same ol, and all of this takes energy, a lot of energy to avoid being you. Energy you could have just spent being you right out the gate, the you that sometimes appears when nobody else is around. Think of the time, money and energy we invest to be like others, or compete with others, when the only person we can and should be is ourselves. Ignore listening to anyone on this Earth telling you who you are. When you inner-stand who you be, then just simply be.

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