Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

There can be a tendency for Yoga practitioners and students to feel discouraged when a naturally gifted dancer, gymnast, martial artist, or even long-time yogi, performs an advanced asana with little effort. Instead of feeling envious and inadequate, you should

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Dealing With Sadness – Natural Depression Management

Depression is a serious condition that can debilitate a person’s normal day-to-day function, making even the most mundane tasks such as getting up from bed or eating breakfast seemingly difficult. However, coping with depression is still possible with or without

The Benefits of Having a Flexible Attitude

Life is full of challenges, and many times we have to stop what we are doing to completely switch gears. Having the ability to be versatile, and developing a flexible attitude will go a long way in adjusting to the ebbs and flows that life will inevitably bring. When life or work seems too frustrating to deal with, all we

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Be yourself. Your soul will guide you. Learn to listen to you. Many of us open our eyes each day with the assumption that we know the person, staring at us in the mirror & that every action we take as that



Reignite your inner child. Be playful, curious, fun and uncomplicated. We are taught that to grow into adulthood we must lose our sense of childlike rational, that we should become responsible, committed to follow what is socially excepted of us and behave



Consider language. Reflect on the words you choose to use each day. Words hold vibration. Consider the origins of words and & their impact in the human experience. The word is a powerful tool & as beings who use language daily, we



Take care of every aspect of yourself. You are the keeper of your world. We can often lose sight of how critical it is to ensure that we actively contribute towards a highly auspicious physical, emotional & spiritual life for ourselves. In



Cultivate a healthy practice of protecting yourself from energies that are not your own. Living among billions of people we are all bound to experience the transference of energies that are foreign and not necessarily favourable to our being. It’s important to

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