Reignite your inner child. Be playful, curious, fun and uncomplicated.

We are taught that to grow into adulthood we must lose our sense of childlike rational, that we should become responsible, committed to follow what is socially excepted of us and behave in ways that are serious, assertive and meaningful. There is nothing wrong with any of that but what many of us may lose in the process, is our sense of adventure, certainly we lose our innocence, our naivety, our sense of fun, our carefree paradigm and our pure yet to be corrupted loving energy the highest frequency, connected to all that is. The fastest thing that takes you to a similar state is to immerse yourself in nature. Nature will re-calibrate your frequency almost immediately. But you must not just sit in nature and bemoan your adult life, or check your social media messages, but instead plunge into the natural world and all it has to offer with as little reminder of the so called mature world. Laugh and find wonder, amusement and excitement in the natural world. While nature isn’t necessary to get you into a playful state, perhaps being playful at your job may not be so appropriate, but you could try… Aim to be playful at least once per day, and this does not include playing people, this means being a beacon of light, of childlike fun and goodness, for yourself and for others. Also, as adults, we should aim to listen to children, they are on the higher frequency in real time so we can learn a lot about what to aim for just by listening to & observing them.

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