Take care of every aspect of yourself. You are the keeper of your world.

We can often lose sight of how critical it is to ensure that we actively contribute towards a highly auspicious physical, emotional & spiritual life for ourselves. In modern society, we are socially engineered to believe that to nurture ourselves we have to seek outside ourselves; material objects, seek out other people to make us whole or accept handed down belief systems or escapist entertainment or eat certain foods… To truly nurture yourself is to know that you are loved by elements unseen, that you should side step toxic situations, toxic enviornments, toxic people & toxic food because these things don’t nurture, although they might provide lessons that enable an expansion of our consciousness, but the lessons would need to be learned & inner-stood as lessons, in order to have a positive impact and avoid repeating experiences & suffering from further impacting our Karma and our time here. For parents, this is especially important that we are healthy first; mind, body & spirit because our children learn by observation and from their five senses. Take care of yourself, show yourself love, warmth, compassion & empathy, fill yourself up with goodness, greatness, grandness from the inside out and that will be reflected in what comes into your experience, good, great, grand.

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