Grow by seeing that all life circumstances are oppportunities to cultivate the life you want.

If you observe nature, it is clear that no matter the circumstances life is everywhere; under harsh conditions or favourable surroundings, in abundant microcosms and macrocosms the germination of trillions of organisms active on this planet, makes up our reality. Often human beings forget that we too are highly developed organisms and just like the natural world, abundant circumstances and harsh conditions shape how we live. Yet it is a common misconception to believe we are the only ones experiencing hardship. Birth and demands of physical life, then death of physical life is all around us, it is one thing we have in common with sentient life everywhere, we are all coming into this world physically, adapting to our environment, creating other life forms and expanding in spite of the challenges that come with our incarnation. Gain comfort in the fact that all life on this planet shares the same narrative, that we are connected on a grander scale. Embrace gratitude for all things, aim to prosper, live your best life, love all sentient life including yourself, your mind, body and soul, teach others and watch your inner standing reflect your outer world where your perspective on all things will positively change and your world will begin to flourish for you just as nature intended.

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