Stay in wonderment, fascinated, curious, amazed. It keeps you in the moment.

How many things can you find within your day to day that truly fascinates you? Things that make you feel like a child again, inquisitive, undaunted, eager and engaged. To be in wonderment is to be connected to the moment you are experiencing. This connection is powerful because it is one way in which we tap into all that is, including connecting with ourselves and how we manifest that which we desire to come into our experience. To be positively amazed at something is to make space in our heart, to let in light in which raises your frequency vibration. Like seeing a baby born for the first time, standing in front of the Pyramids at Giza, or the Grand Canyon, healing your own body or someone else…There are many things to create a higher resonance in our field of experience, the key is to stop and notice more, acknowledge and keep that spark alive inside you, like a child seeing things for the very first time.

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