There are bountiful ways to be joyful. Seek the good vibes in life.

What captivates your attention? What makes you smile, feel joy, gleeful, spellbound? We live in a world overflowing with beauty, magnificence, intriguing, fascinating aspects of itself that are awe-inspiring. But, often, we are socially navigated away from the natural inspiration, towards the un-natural. We might believe in things that may in still fear, self loathing, doubt, negativity, competitiveness, lack, apathy….but if we each stop, step away from that which doesn’t feel right, and move towards that which feels right, feels less pensive, anxiety inducing, less stressful then we can see more clearly that we can always step away, turn around, look up, down or around us in any direction and engage with the natural world. Find the good vibes, go there and immerse yourself in the energy of divine bliss.

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