Embrace your being, a creation of pure magnificence of beauty & perfection because you are created from nature; the earth & the cosmos

Many if not all of us have been programmed to believe that we are not good enough as we are, since birth. That the skin we are in may be considered inferior, or that our hair, eyes, nose etc are seen as unloveable. That all of us, no matter the skin we are in are incomplete, that we all must “need things” to be worthy of what it means to be human. Woke folks know that this is a socially engineered agenda where at it’s origin was promoted by religions, corporate industries, academics and scientists for nefarious social, economic and spiritual motives. If you strip back everything, back to our naked selves, and if you consider the inner workings of our biology, all the internal organs that makes us function and the light being inside us, our soul, the key to our animation, we are miraculous, beautiful, extraordinary, phenomenal beings. We don’t need anything more. Anything else is icing on an already delicious cake, the extras are just the emotional need for “things” that we perceive through our social conditioning, our nurture, that those things will apparently make us better, attractive, beautiful, sexually appealing, more socially acceptable, which all translates to more loveable as a human entity, all because someone said so and everybody believed it.

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