Detox your heart from darkness, negativity, traumas… by reacquainting your self with the natural world. Elements of nature open the heart, they inspire and bring in the light.

Spending time in nature is an important part of experiencing our physical incarnation as human beings. It’s not enough to just live on the Earth and go about our day-to-day, without really experiencing the Earth. Touching, lying, sitting on the earth or sitting by a tree or holding a tree, help your body to let go of energies that don’t serve you. Nature does the work to absorb those energies leaving you feeling energized and less dense. When we live in cities, we spend time in buildings, our homes, then move around in our cars or other means of transport, for many people exposed to any form of nature in a tactile way, not just looking at a tree through a window, is lacking in our lives. While being surrounded by nature is a positive, making physical contact with the natural world is even more effective in inducing favorable outcomes for your mind, body, and soul. Try to include some aspect of nature into your day; yoga in the park, meditation under a tree, swimming at the beach, walking along a tree-lined street, take your children to play in the earth or the sand…There are many ways to connect with nature in order to rejuvenate yourself, to lift you up, and put your existence into perspective by bringing in the light.

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