Consider language. Reflect on the words you choose to use each day. Words hold vibration. Consider the origins of words and & their impact in the human experience.

The word is a powerful tool & as beings who use language daily, we take for granted it’s power & how it shapes our reality & also reinforces a reality that other people have created for us all. If you investigate the origin of the English language for example you will discover many words that have problematic messaging. Yet, we use these words on the daily without consideration for the original intention in the meaning of those words, or how those words where created by people at a time & place that had a certain distortion, a certain energy signature; words hold vibration, energy… Words can open up minds and close minds, they can also open up doorways to the unseen. Words can bind us, control us, words can limit or confuse us. We should each be more discerning with the language, particularly if the language is by nature not your first language. It is not something to fear, & it doesn’t apply to every language. Research the original meanings & intention behind the creation of words you use, from what ever language you speak. One word, or a sentence could manifest a particular reality of either what we want or what we don’t want for ourselves or our loved ones, all without even realizing how it happened. Language is not just words, it is communication yes, but it is also a magical tool that we can use for positive or negative applications. What do you think legalese is? Words that as citizens, establish us in a social contract, the law.

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