Cultivate a healthy practice of protecting yourself from energies that are not your own.

Living among billions of people we are all bound to experience the transference of energies that are foreign and not necessarily favourable to our being. It’s important to know that there is the world we see, and the unseen world that is made of vibration, light and energy, among other elements. What we don’t see is not to be feared but to be felt and inner stood. A good practice to commit to is to be aware of energies that are not your own, by observing how certain people & situations make you feel, what your second brain, your gut, is telling you & how to transmute or dismiss those foreign energies in a positive & effective way to which you ensure you are not going to be wearing someone else’s problematic energy. Music, film & TV too, incrementally carry energies that can impact how we feel, think & behave long term. There is a plethora of information that can be researched about the affect of low vibrational music, the language in some music & the images, and the dialogue & narrative in cinema & television. It is important to do your due diligence, to discern your environment & not be a passive receiver of information, but a critical receiver of media information ready to block things that are harmful to your soul, and avoid becoming a product of the social programming all around us. In the physical, we have many senses that are besieged with negative energies that influence us all. Yes, we can still live a fruitful, joyful and abundant life, playing the game of life, but it helps to actively protect ourselves from energy pollution by holding sacred space around ourselves, every day, even in our dreams.

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