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Why do humans each exist under unique circumstances? Different racial groups, different languages, different hair, eye color, different cultures, ancestry, unique thumbprints, genes, DNA…No matter the similarity of individuals, no two people have the exact same experience, even twins. Every person has, & is operating from a completely distinct perspective & lived experience. There could be many existential reasons for this, reasons such as the planet being an experimental school where we are all here to learn, adapt, transmute, experience… & other reasons which may not be clear to us until we transition. What is clear, however, is that it is our differences that make for an interesting planetary experience in the hologram of life & that by default, it demonstrates the unlimited ways with which we can express our innermost selves. Many of us, however, in modernity have been fooled into thinking that sameness is what qualifies us & legitimizes us as worthy, in the game, & that if we don’t fall for what is being literally sold to us, then somehow we don’t qualify. That we must buy an expensive item; house, clothes, cars, etc to quantify our worth among everybody else. From a young age, we learn one historical construct, focus on one aesthetic of what beauty is, of what intelligence looks like, of many things designed to be seen from one perspective only. In many, if not all circumstances, homogenizing entire peoples & nations is the framework under which we all exist. We are given the belief that we are expressing our individualism, our best self, but are we really? In order to know who we really are, we must go within. We may not find it in the latest fashion or the latest music, or the latest challenge, or the latest political ideology, because they are all aspects of someone else’s program. So how do we find it? Many of us already have a deep knowledge of our inner light, & we live according to that with ease. If that is not you, then how do you find the real you? Through conversations with yourself, meditation, yoga, deep self-reflection & most importantly doing the things that make you legit lit. Organically the true “you” will emerge.

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