Allow the richness of you… the breadth and depth of you to shine, permeating your whole being, like the cosmic star that you are. Sit within yourself and enjoy.

When we are children everything appears very different, uncomplicated, simple, new, and fun. As we get older, many of us lose that innocence, the immediacy of living in the moment, being inspired by anything, being in touch with our emotions, connected to all that is, and being present in those moments. In our teenage years, we often rebel against the evolution or perhaps devolution to adulthood; resisting the social programs and the responsibilities that come with adulthood. Some of us can’t wait to get to adulthood without really realizing how challenging it will be and that had we spent more time being nurtured as a child, enjoying our younger years, how that ultimately impacts the adult you will eventually become. But who says you cannot be childlike and mature, emotionally intelligent and fun, responsible yet free. It is all a matter of perspective and a matter of choices based on your inner standing of yourself and how you aim to experience this human incarnation. Will you choose to imbue confidence, love, joy, health, happiness? Well, you should, but if you chose not to, that’s okay. Just know you don’t require anything to imbue love, for that is in essence what you are, despite and in spite of the human condition, you are a light being, love incarnated, a cosmic star… there is so much to be inspired about.

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