Take pleasure in knowing you are indestructible.

Life appears very different when you inner stand that no matter what, you are by design indestructible. Although, our bodies may deteriorate or incur pain, our very essence the soul that sees through our eyes, the soul that hears through our ears, our soul that senses physical touch, is eternal. We often get so caught up thinking this reality is the only one there is, and no matter our beliefs, often than not, we tow the social programming line becoming a cog in the wheel, just doing, just being, but not living. To live is not just to live the physical life, but to join the physical and that which we cannot see, the spirit, the frequency vibration, the energy that animates us. Once we understand that it’s not all about what we are being conditioned to think about, believe, do and say, but that there is much more to our time in our respective incarnations than meets the eye. We can only know through introspective work. Meditation and self-reflection. We already have the advantage; many choices, many opportunities, many avenues, paths to select on our journey. The key is to remain triumphant by default because nothing can truly break you because you exist in multiple worlds. Choose your own adventure.

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