Contemplate the choices you have made, do they reflect your best self?

Self-reflection is a tool to identify what has worked for you & what does not and how as we evolve, do we chose to live. To reflect on our choices is to inner stand how we operate in this realm, how we perceive ourselves & of the world. We can determine whether our choices have hurt us, or others & how to make adjustments so that we move towards growth and away from stagnation to the expansion of our consciousness. The past is no place to dwell, but our memories of the impact our very being, so if in your past you experienced trauma, it helps to contemplate how those negative experiences pushed you to navigate to a positive place? Or if you have yet to conquer the trauma experience, then what aspect of you can you say is keeping you functioning now, present, here? This is a realm of duality, light and dark, Ying Yang, positive & negative. If we inner stand that growth comes through experiencing challenges & overcoming them, and that is how we evolve, we will be less attached to the outcome of our experiences. To review our life choices while we are living & make the necessary modifications, being mindful to clear our heart of darkness, to lift ourselves out of despair, blame & anger is one way to eliminate our karma, increase our ability to ascend to higher realms beyond the third dimension and to live a more abundant life.

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