You are formidable. Never doubt you.

Confidence is a birth right. Inner standing that you should, by your very existence, be self assured and possess courage, be bold, have faith in yourself as a spiritual being given you have the gift of physical life and although there will be plenty of trials and tribulations throughout your life’s journey to throw you off your game and how you conduct yourself, you must keep the faith that your connection to all that is, you and all things, is the key.

Relying on yourself to be your best ally, your best friend, your partner in the game of Earthly life. This confidence, is not arrogance, conceit or ego, but a higher minded intimacy with oneself that no matter what life throws at you, you are connected to all that is, you are important and you have every right to be here. Move through the world with that inner standing acknowledging that every single living creature on this planet, be it a jellyfish, ant or a tree has the same rightful legitimacy to live and move according to our diverse and unique paths.

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