How to determine whether you are trusting in yourself enough.

Trust in every aspect of yourself before you allow yourself to trust anyone else.

Many of us believe we don’t trust too much of what life throws at us, that we are woke to false prophets and not subject to foolishness. However, how many strange situations do you find yourself in because you assumed you were following your own instinct, but without realizing you were really trusting in things and people external to you, aspects of this world; like ideology, the news, somebody else’s personal story, gossip…and then without realizing, you integrated this foreign information into your paradigm, your perspective, adopted the ideology or mirrored someone else, only to find the outcome was not entirely the best thing for you, not the best choice to have made at the time.

We often run on automatic pilot; thinking, doing, being a copy of social concepts, family baggage, social paradigms inclusive of media; radio, print, T.V, film, music, literature… etc so we aren’t really engaging ourselves in complete autonomous discernment, thinking for our selves, we are instead absorbing, processing and navigating the thoughts of others. This often leads us to stop listening to our inner guidance system, to our instinctive higher voice, to our ancestors, spirit guides…to the reaction our body gives us when we do something not in our highest good. We might instead interpret the feelings as a sign that whatever it is, it is the right choice to make, when it’s really not.

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Only through truly observing your inner workings, through meditation, silent contemplation, critical thinking, and a loving heart for oneself, that you will know when your own voice. Then, irrespective of what comes into your experience you will know to trust your instinct which equips you with the power to truly know what and who to trust outside of yourself.

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