How much of the world have you traveled? Be inspired to change your perspective by changing your location.

We are spoilt with much beauty on earth, places that are timeless. Explore the abundance of locations this world has to offer.

We are born on this Earth, but how much of this world have you really explored? Can you say you left the comfort or discomfort of your block, your city, your country? The world is abundant with phenomenal locations, sacred sites, beaches, forests, mountains, ancient cities, modern cities, the assortment of different cultures; food, history, music, fashion, language…The experiences you will have, good or bad will be life changing, consciousness expanding and life affirming.

It is not that difficult to physically buy a ticket to travel somewhere, anywhere, but it is a challenge for our mind, our ego, our social programming; how we conceive of this world and ourselves in relation to it… that is the decisive factor on whether we actually do buy that ticket. It’s not a lack of money, it’s fear, it’s apathy and it’s a lack of adventure.

We often punish ourselves and restrict ourselves to our immediate geographical location, or we believe we cannot leave, or travel is for rich folks, or that we need lots of money to travel…all not true.

Do yourself a favour and explore your world, however you can. It’s entirely possible. It’s your world, it’s all yours, every inch of it! You won’t truly know that unless you go!

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