Be bigger than your surroundings. Imagine yourself to be so large you eclipse the tallest building… then bow in reverence, to yourself and all that is.

How often do we rise above our circumstances? You hear people say, just rise above it, be the bigger person, but what does that really mean? It means that despite the situation, no matter how it impacts you emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically you are going to need to lift yourself out of “it” and transcend and levitate out into space where “it” doesn’t impact you.

In fact, you truly feel beyond all of it to the point where you have gratitude for whatever it is, that allowed you to transcend it because it made you grow and expand your consciousness so much that you are grateful, you chose to sail over it. Not ignore it or avoid it but have the ability to discern that it is not in your best interest to engage with that which impacts you negatively. Learn from it, elevate and be in gratitude for the experience showing up to show you what you don’t want.

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