Rahmi Bedwei Allen

COVER STORY: Get to know all about Yogini Goddess Rahmi. What motivates this Ganja smoking nude yogini to be a high achiever.


We had the pleasure of interviewing Rahmi Bedwei Allen, read more of her interview in Issue 2 of the YBM.

Excerpt from Issue 2 …

The black yoga community is amazing and makes me so proud to be part of an awesome tribe. I’ve made so many yogi friends since I joined the yoga community. Most of them I have never met in person but through Facetime.

I love seeing black men do yoga too because men I knew thought it wasn’t masculine, and that’s not true.

I have found a connection with many of the mothers. I see some ladies trying to do yoga with little ones running around them. It’s so real! This is it. No awesome background or makeup done, just reality. There are so many social restrictions when you’re a mother, so we all connect for that reason and more…

A typical day for me is waking up, letting the dog out, freshening up, a hot cup of herbal tea with my blunt of course, I read a few positive affirmations, I talk to my plants and water them when needed. I am a plant mama now and I have a few air filtering plants that are safe for pets. The Monstera is one of my fav plants at the moment and hopefully I’ll get every last kind of Monstera that there is.

After a Ganga smoke session, I play music depending on my mood and get on my mat, and sometimes when it’s beautiful outside I meditate and listen to the sounds of birds and nature, it is so relaxing. I’m often barefooted because I become one with the earth.

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