Get into Nature

Where there is nature there is balance. Look at simple ways to reconnect and restore.

The Benefits of immersing yourself in nature are instant. At Yoga Bodi we are a big believer and advocate for connecting with nature. It’s like pressing a reset button on our human program.

We all go about our day to day lives, often without a thought about our environment, and how it impacts us; the energies, frequencies, vibration…with the exception of people who work in nature or do work for the environment and animals, many of us just see nature as a background to our foreground.

Tips to make nature part of your life


Seek out the ocean. Swim in it. Float in it. Meditate by it. The ocean (Oshun) is a large body of incredibly powerful negative ions that when we get physically close to river or ocean water, the cells in our body react favorably, regenerating themselves… Our physical bodies consist of 76% water, as does our brain, lungs and other organs therefore we respond very positively to water on a holistic level. Even rain has amazing benefits for clearing energy and assisting with intention.

If you cannot get to the ocean find a river, waterfall or even a pool. The next best thing is a bath.

BATH (alternative to the Ocean)

Soaking in the bath with natural oils to help soften and cleanse your auric field (energetic layers of energy around the physical body), as well as soften your muscles and induce relaxation of your mind.

While in the bath aim to meditate or chant. Place flowers, herbs and salts in the bath with you. Have plants around you. Burn sage, Palo Santo or a non-toxic incense. Try to avoid having a bath with beauty products that include synthetic chemical ingredients and instead opt for natural products or simply a Himalayan rock salt, seaweed, olive oil or aromatherapy oils.


Find a place with ample trees and connect with the trees by physically leaning with your back against the tree and or hugging the tree. Aim to connect and request for it to assist you in clearing your energies. Stay for a while and meditate imagining the tree gradually and lovingly removing the negative energies. You should feel yourself becoming calmer and more supported. The tree literally will have your back. Ensure you thank it, giving gratitude before you move on.

If you cannot find a forest or national park, find any tree in your location and make the same connection, as best you can. Find a local park. There are trees everywhere and like the ocean, it is a beautiful energetic conductor resource that encourages many metaphysical benefits.


Get some indoor plants. We love plants indoors. They offer so much positive energy and air cleansing. Talk to your plants, be sure to care for them and they will care for you.


When the sun is shining, strip off and make every effort to soak in the rays for not only Vitamin D, something melanated people need a lot of, but also to absorb the many metaphysical benefits of sun exposure, we will cover in another article.

Allow your eyes to capture the light from the sun during your day to day. We are told to wear sunglasses, and although sunglasses look cool, it is more beneficial for your eyes to be exposed to some of the ultraviolet light while outside.

Credit: @esewalter

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