Get Loved Up with Koya Webb

COVER STORY: A Yogi and internationally recognized Yoga teacher, philanthropist, entrepreneur, fitness model, personal trainer, brand ambassador, motivational speaker, holistic health and wellness coach with her own podcast and YouTube Channel.


We had the pleasure of interviewing Koya Webb, Yogi extraordinaire and founder and CEO of ‘Get Loved Up‘. We talk to Koya about how and why she started Yoga, her wellness company, her travel destinations, what her daily routine looks like and much more…

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You support young people and environmental causes. Where did this passion in you originate, to be of help to others? Was there a catalyst that guided you to make your work inclusive of philanthropy, or are you simply walking the talk when it comes to yoga’s philosophy of cultivating compassion in seeking a connection to the divine? 

I’m simply following my soul. I feel the principals I’ve learned from religion and yoga have taught me how to treat people and take care of everyone within and outside of my immediate family.

Meditation and Pranayama helped me find my breath and connect with my spirit on a daily basis and that’s what guides me today. Yoga and holistic living helped me heal mentally, spiritually and physically.

We can heal from thousands of years of trauma by going within to work things out. We are also able to realize our power in a world where some feel they are powerless.

Read more of our interview with Koya in the Yoga Bodi Magazine Issue 1.

Photo by @FishMakesPhotos
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