Aerielle Sampson


Herbs for a Sacred Yoga

Excerpt from the Yoga Bodi Magazine

Plants are sacred in their own way, though a lot of us don’t think of them this way. Plants are like the grandparents of the earth and they protect and provide so much to us. They teach us of patience and growth; they give us oxygen, food, and medicine.  The plant spirit is innately healing and naturally nurturing. They are part of the universe, therefore part of us. This alone is such a sacred existence; our bond with the plant world is deeply rooted in the sacred, for we are all one.

Essential oils are often used in yoga practice as a great way to focus your practice. Some people may drink tea to calm them down. You may burn sage or Palo Santo before or after practice to cleanse the room. Plants have already been introduced to the yoga practice unintentionally; imagine how it could be with a little intention behind it.

There are so many new trends occurring in the yoga world, all of which bring a new spin on how we relate to yoga. Many of these classes encourage our sense of connection to the modern world; classes like goat yoga, SUP yoga, trap yoga, and even cannabis yoga. These classes push us towards our understanding of how yoga fits into our changing and distracting world with a fun and happy twist. Classes like this are important to our growth as yogis; distraction is a part of life. However, sometimes we need our practice to focus on the unity of self. It is no secret that yoga can be a very sacred and spiritual practice if you want it to be.

Yoga means union, it is the union of the Atman (Our higher self) and the Brahman (Our world self). Yoga is an amazing way to create a soul balance within yourself, which is beautifully sacred. Yoga shows you that you are capable of more than you think yourself to be; and the more united you become the more you experience your limitless possibilities. Yoga can be beautiful in this way, and yet it is so hard for us to focus in on this spiritual aspect. The ego can be strong within us, which can make union difficult, but it is a part of us, so we have to work with it; and even this struggle can be sacred.

READ MORE in the Yoga Bodi Magazine (Issue 1)

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