How Mind Control Influence a Person’s Life

The Value that Factors in Governing Your Mind Since ancient times, philosophers have discussed the importance of the mind control in governing human life. That, in our reality, all matter that exists, these external things were and are the result of thought,


3 Tips for Drinking More Water

In our modern world, with a plethora of sugary drinks, and stimulants which provide no benefit to the human body, what is evident and logical is for us as a species is to drink water, ALL THROUGHOUT THE DAY. The human body


Yirser Ra Hotep

The grandmaster Yirser Ra Hotep. We talk all things Kemetic Yoga, the origins of Hatha yoga, where to learn Kemetic Yoga, the evidence of the practice of yoga asanas/postures in African countries, and how Kemetic Yoga come about in the United States?