Aloe Vera and Its Natural Skin Care and Health Benefits

Aloe vera plants, particularly aloe barbadensis miller plants, have been used for centuries to help burns, cuts, and other skin ailments. It is known to have antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, which allow skin ailments to heal while reducing the risk of infection. Aloe gel can work as a natural anesthesia to reduce or alleviate pain caused by burns, cuts, and skin rashes. For severe sunburn, aloe vera gel cools the burning skin and helps speed up the healing process. The aloe gel inside the leaf is used as a natural healing salve.

Natural Aloe-Based Solutions for Skin Care and Health

As skin cells die, new skin cells must replace the old to promote healthy skin. Aloe creams and gels on the market can help enhance this process and to help with itching, burns, cuts, psoriasis, shingles, and other skin conditions. Commercial aloe products include everything from creams to lotions to nutritional supplements in pill or drink form. The products often combine aloe gel with other ingredients.

How to Buy Natural Aloe Products

Ideally growing your own aloe vera plants is the best most organic option, the next best thing is a natural aloe-based product. But before buying, be sure the products are all-natural with few or no added ingredients that could decrease the aloe’s beneficial properties. Read the ingredients on each product and learn why the ingredients were added. You’ll find some products, to have added natural ingredients to enhance the product’s skin care and health properties.

If you have psoriasis, for instance, aloe vera can assist you to soothe this condition in particular. If you work in the sun or are outdoors a great deal, aloe vera can protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays after exposure. Nature has everything we need to stay and maintain our health today and every day.

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